Monday, May 21, 2012

Fleecy neck warmer

My son has one of those tricky colours as his school jumper. Since he catches a bus at 7:30am he needed something to keep his neck warm in the morning and then be able to whisk it off and squish it into his bag when it warmed up.

I found some polar fleece that is almost the exact shade of maroon and made two ski style neck warmers.

No doubt I'll be making more of these as winter nears...

Do you want to make one too? They are really easy to make and you could get one done in 10 minutes and polar fleece is quite cheap, you could get three out of a 50cm cut.

What you need:
22 x 16" polar fleece
Sewing machine
Needle and thread in matching colour

1) Cut your polar fleece to size. It's folded in half in the photo below.

2) Fold lengthwise with right sides together making a long skinnier strip
3) Sew along the open edge

4) Bring one end up into the tube until the edges are level ( I left it out a bit in this photo so you can see what I mean) See the right side is now poking out?

5) Now stitch around this circle, leaving a 3" gap to turn it right side out.

6) Turn it right side out through this hole and then hand stitch the opening shut (try to use matching threads and invisible stitches).

7) Tahdah, you are done!

Wasn't that easy! Easier than trying to get my son to pose for a photo! So here's a ridiculous one of me wearing it in front of the mirror. You should get the general idea.

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  1. hello Loreena, I stopped by while Googling "sampler quilt".
    Lovely to see all your work, I'm off for a better look round now. I was very pleased you showed this neck warmer tutorial as I have been planning to make one for ages, for walking my dogs.
    Best wishes Kath in England

  2. I stumbled upon your work on Flickr! Wow, woman! You've got some incredible creativity going on. Can I follow you around for a day or two to see if some of it will rub off on me??